Principal Designer

CDM Principal Designer

Independent health and safety advice you can trust

Our aim is to be a trusted advisor to all the project participants, adding value at each stage. We use our knowledge and experience to support and sometimes challenge clients, designers and contractors. We use best practice gained from the wide variety of industry sectors we operate in to push up standards across the board. The result is a robust approach to health and safety design risk management for your project.

As Chartered Building Surveyors, we have an appreciation of the overall project process and can therefore offer a balanced view on where health and safety priorities should lie. We can differentiate between significant and non-significant risks, and we recognise that the final design must address health and safety requirements, but be balanced against technical, aesthetic and budgetary constraints.

Our services:

  • CDM Principal Designer
  • CDM Client Advisor
  • Consultancy support for designers and contractors with formal CDM duties

A continuous process of innovation

Over 80 years experience of cost and project management