Doig+Smith assist Bechtel at London City Airport

London City Airport is an international airport located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, 11km east of the City of London.

London City Airport has a single runway with a declared length of 1199 metres and a CAA Public Use Aerodrome License which allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flight

The airport was constructed on the site of a disused shipping dock and the runway is situated on the strip of land between King George V Dock and the Royal Albert Dock.

Doig+Smith are currently assisting Bechtel through the provision of ad hoc specialist estimating services in their Delivery Partner role delivery of circa £500 million development to accommodate 111,000 flights per year (an increase from c.80,000) and create the facilities needed to respond to increasing passenger demand, enabling the airport to welcome 6.5 million passengers (up from the current 4.5 million annual passengers).

Works are divided into 3 areas, namely Airfield, Terminals and Dockside & Forecourt. Airfield works include Piling and Decking, external works including drainage, creation of a floating
rendezvous pontoon and relocation of the rescue boat pontoon. Terminal works include the creation of the extension of the terminal, creation of new energy centres, demolition of existing
pier with the creation of new East and West Pier, upgrades to the existing baggage handling system. Dockside and Forecourt works include the creation of a logistic centre, taxi and car rental
building, additional staff carparks, minicab car parks and uplift of the existing forecourt.