Supporting the ‘Helping Hands’ volunteer project.

Doig+Smith is proud to support the Helping Hands Project 2019. Organised by Hub West Scotland, the Helping Hands Project invites companies in its supply chain to come together to work on volunteer projects that will make a real difference to our local communities.

Who Does the project benefit?

This year, Hub West Scotland selected The Lamont City Farm in Erskine as the chosen beneficiary of this volunteer work.
Established in 1977, Lamont Farm offers a unique sense of community, fun and education. Farm visitors not only get to see the animals, they also learn about animal care and welfare. Beyond the farm itself, the not-for-profit organisation also offers outreach visits to schools, nurseries and nursing homes, allowing a wide variety of people to experience the joy of animals.
Due to low funds, Lamont City Farm has become run down and is in need of a major revamp, and so the Helping Hands Project will set out improve its facilities.

How Did Doig+Smith assist?

On Thursday 19th September we teamed up with Norr Architects to build some brand new climbing apparatus for the goats. Impressively, our team turned this project around in just one day… and scooped ‘first prize’ against three competing teams!

Huge thank you to Clark Contracts for supplying us with materials for this projects and of course to Doig+Smith volunteers Dominic Crichton and Michael Macissac. You can view a video diary of their experience below: